Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'd rather be ruled by a competent [fill in the blank]

Fox News talking head Ainsley Earhardt has gotten herself into some hot water for declaring on teevee that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney isn't a Christian. The Christian Post reports the details here.

My response is that unless Ms. Earhardt is an authorized officer of a Christian church examining Romney's fitness to be a member, then, speculations about the genuineness of his faith in Christ are beside the point. On the other hand maybe she's reacting against those who confuse traditional family values and social conservatism with Christianity, in which case it's worth repeating that Mormonism -- in spite of its wholesome characteristics -- is indeed a false gospel by any New Testament definition.

But. If Governor Romney turns out to the best candidate I'll have no problem casting my vote for him despite our theological differences. On this one I'll let Martin Luther have the last word. "I would rather be ruled by a competent Turk (i.e., Muslim) than an incompetent Christian."

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