Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'd rather lose my mind than lose my soul

I came across this excellent quote in Is God a Moral Monster by Paul Copan (a book I'll be blogging on eventually).

An individual, quite completely free from tension, anxiety, and conflict may be only a well-adjusted sinner who is dangerously maladjusted to God; and it is infinitely better to be a neurotic saint than a healthy-minded sinner. . . . Healthy-mindedness may be a spiritual hazard that keeps an individual from turning to God precisely because he has no acute sense of God. . . . Tension, conflict, and anxiety, even to the point of mental illness, may be a cross voluntarily carried in God’s service.

The quote is taken from a Christianity Today article by theologian Vernon Grounds: "Called to Be Saints—Not Well-Adjusted Sinners". I tried and failed to find the complete article online.

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