Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Like. Tears. In rain.

If this was one of those "what's been going on in my life lately" kind of blogs I'd have a lot to write. Instead, a perfect storm of challenging assignments and circumstances in my home/work/church life has lately afforded me little time to indulge my hobbies, one of which is this blog.

Watching movies is one of the ways I stay sane, so your correspondent did find time recently to revisit old favorite Blade Runner. I was again reminded what a satisfyingly unsatisfying film it is. The enigma at its heart is one that (probably) can't be solved, but keeps you coming back to try. For my money Blade Runner has one of the most memorable ending monologues in cinema history. It's voiced by Rutger Hauer playing genetically engineered "replicant" Roy Batty. Reportedly Hauer improvised the now legendary lines. His unconventional delivery and pacing, director of photography Jordan Cronenweth's visuals, and Vangelis' beautiful score all contribute to the genius of this scene, one that moves me every time I watch it.

Blade Runner (dir. Ridley Scott, 1982)

For a fuller appreciation of Blade Runner check out this 2008 piece from my friend William Andreassen.

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redeyespy said...

I watch this film every few months. It continues to reveal its layers.