Thursday, July 19, 2012

A shameless plug for Dispatches from the Front

My wife and I have been watching a DVD series called Dispatches from the Front and I've been showing it to the adult Sunday School class at our church. Tim Keesee, the producer and narrator of these extremely gripping documentaries, calls Dispatches windows into the Kingdom of God around the world. That they are! From a purely artistic and technical point of view these films are the equal of many Academy Award-nominated documentaries I've seen. But they are so much more, since they deal with the grandest subject of all: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Keesee and his collaborators Peter Hansen and Brannon McAllister (pictured above) take viewers to some of the hardest and most spiritually dark corners of the world to show how the light of the gospel is breaking forth. You'll meet brothers and sisters in Christ you didn't know you had, as well as heroic frontline soldiers in the advance of God's Kingdom. Except these soldiers don't fight with guns, they wield deeds of love and mercy. I could go on and on, but I'll simply echo Carl Trueman's endorsement:

"I have just watched the episode on Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. The low-key presentation enhances the drama and the beauty of the stories told. But be aware: this is sobering stuff. I came away ashamed of my own lack of zeal for the Lord's work and my ingratitude to him for all of the material comforts I enjoy. This is not a celebration of the pyrotechnic entertainment of the American church; it is an account of genuine works of God. It will convict you of your own sin, drive you to Christ and encourage you to pray for Christians working on the front lines of the Kingdom and to reassess your own priorities wherever you are."

Buy Dispatches from the Front. It will be money well spent.

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