Friday, September 21, 2007

Trending Huckabee

Once again a group of Republican primary voters had a chance to take a close look at Mike Huckabee and once again he came out on top. Yes, Ron Paul came in a strong second and someone named Hugh Cort received 7 votes, calling into question the significance of this vote, but there does seem to be a trend here. The more I see of Huckabee the more I like him, so if the Florida primary was today he'd have my vote. I wish more Christians in the public square showed as much wisdom and creativity as he did in responding to the ridiculous Wolf Blitzer on the question of evolution in one of the CNN debates. He talked about that exchange with the only slightly less ridiculous Bill Maher last month.

I've written elsewhere of my attraction to Barack Obama, and that if it wasn't for his position on a couple of crucial issues I'd be likely to back him. Well, if he gets the Democratic nomination and goes up against one of the Republican establishment candidates of expedience, then the whole equation will change -- for me and a lot of other younger voters who don't fit neatly into Democrat/Republican or liberal/conservative labels. Mitt, Rudy and Fred just aren't doin' it for me...

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