Thursday, July 3, 2008

Theological cinema

I've long thought that the films of Woody Allen are among the most "theological" of Hollywood films. Robert Recio agrees, and shares some thoughts on Allen's latest Cassandra's Dream.

Read them here.

Recio's post reminded me of this bit of dialogue from Allen's 1989 classic Crimes and Misdemeanors. In that film it's Martin Landau wrestling with his conscience after having his mistress killed -- and getting away with it.

HT: Heidelblog


redeyespy said...

As you have pointed out, Woody is most accurately termed an agnostic-not an enviable spot as these may be some of the most conflicted people on earth. I can only imagine the many sleepless nights, the internal battleground of empiricism versus the spiritual. I can't picture Woody as someone who is either comfortably ignorant or militant in atheism.

The theme of "justice" and how God is/is not a catalyst for such has also been explored in Allen's MATCH POINT, but CRIMES is the most shattering.

R. Scott Clark said...

That's a great clip. I'll think I'll rent the video.