Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who mourns for the David Allen King's of the world?

Some times its the little items in the newspaper that get to me. Like this one from today's Palm Beach County metro report.

ROYAL PALM BEACH - A man walking on a major roadway was struck and killed by a driver Friday morning, according to the sheriff's office. David Allen King, 52, who had no listed address, was walking west in the middle of the northernmost lane of traffic on Okeechobee Boulevard near U.S. 441 at 6:15 a.m., according to a sheriff's report. Lawrence Haupt, 74, of Fort Lauderdale was driving west in the same lane and was unable to see King, who was wearing dark clothing, because it was raining, according to the report. Haupt struck King, who was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center where he later died.

I don't recognize the name, but it's possible I'd recognize the face. No picture was included. From my experience with the David King's of Palm Beach County -- and from the bare facts given -- I can construct a probable profile. Homeless, alcoholic, no immediate family in the area. If he was a few years older I'd guess he was a Vietnam veteran. What a waste.

UPDATED 9/8: Please read the messages left by Mr. King's brother and sister in St. Louis. They're trying to bring him home and would like to hear from anyone that knew him.


Rochelle said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I cared for (I'm a nurse anesthetist) a guy just like the David Allen King that you speak of in surgery the other day. He was walking around on the highway...drunk....broke basically every major bone, plus his neck, back & a head injury. Ugh. So sad.

Stephen Ley said...

My wife is an RN. She's had the odd experience of being panhandled at gas stations by guys who were her patients.

Anonymous said...

David was my older brother he is survived by a mother and a sister and myelf we live in St.Louis,MO David was a father a friend and so much more.His life was well his life.We are mourning the g loss from a far and are trying to bring him home to rest next to his father
Any more info or help in the process would be greatly appreciated.

John W King

Reba said...

David was my oldesr brother, I am his little and only sister, we all love and miss him. As my other brother said David lived the life he chose. We would love to hear from people that knew him, he was a big hearted guy and would do anything to help his fellow friends.
Thank you for your thought and prayers.

Reba said...

David was my oldest brother, I am his little and only sister, just as my other brother said he lived his life the way he chose to. We all love him and miss him, Any more info would be helpful, we would love to here from people who knew him. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Stephen Ley said...

John, I've made some inquiries and I'm going to email you some information. I mourn with you.