Friday, October 28, 2011

Jackie Brown goes to work

Jackie Brown (1997) was Quentin Tarantino's third feature. It was bound to disappoint some fans (which it did), but it's my favorite Tarantino film. The number one reason I like it is Pam Grier and the number two reason is Robert Forster. Tarantino took these two stars of B-moviedom and gave them a big stage on which to shine. Jackie Brown is crowded with A-list stars, but their relationship is the heart of the film.

Another thing to like about this picture is the opening credits sequence. It doesn't explode off the screen like the credits for Pulp Fiction, but it's no less effective, and clearly announces that this is Pam Grier's movie. In a series of gliding dolly shots the camera worshipfully follows Grier to her job as an airline stewardess for a second-rate regional airline. Bobby Womack's 70s R&B hit "Across 110th Street" provides tempo, mood and subtext. This is how it's done.

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redeyespy said...

JB gets better and better over time. The film ACROSS 110TH STREET is an insightful drama itself.