Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jesse vs. FNC

Though I'm sympathetic with the concerns of the Occupy Wall Street movement/campout taking place in lower Manhattan I suspect it's as much about anarchism and highly degreed angst as it is about advancing any constructive political agenda. Perhaps time will prove me wrong. In any case it's resulted in some interesting street theater, as in this confrontation between a Fox News producer and protestor Jesse LaGreca. Not surprisingly the interview never made it on the air, but was captured by another camera, posted on YouTube, and quickly went viral.

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redeyespy said...

Love it. We saw the genesis of these protests when we were in NYC a few weeks ago. There were but a few dozen protesters (some in Guy Fawkes masks) with handouts gathered near a Brooks Brothers store. It was peaceful, their rants articulate.

Things have certainly mushroomed since!