Friday, June 22, 2012

Germany v. Greece preview and some classic Python

Later today Germany will be taking on Greece in the quarterfinals of the 2012 European Football Championship. This affair held every four years rivals the World Cup as both sport and spectacle. Germany with their brand of attractive muscular football is thought by many (me included) to be the team that will take the crown from defending champion Spain, while few expected Greece to get this far, which they did by knocking out the heavily favored Russians.

This match has interesting parallels in the economic turmoil engulfing the Eurozone. The Greek economy is crippled by massive debt, and Germany is the economic superpower holding all the cards. A victory against the Germans would be a morale boost to a country desperately in need of something to feel good about. To pull off the upset the Greeks will have to rely on a stingy ultra-conservative style of football that belies their nation's fiscal reputation. Don't bet on it happening though. Die Mannschaft is just too good.

This isn't the first time Germany and Greece have met on the pitch. Here's an earlier meeting brought to you by Monty Python.

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