Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wendell: good work and God's work

These quotes are from Wendell Berry's essay "Christianity and the Survival of Creation" as published in Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community (Pantheon Books, 1993)

By denying spirit and truth to the nonhuman Creation, modern proponents of religion have legitimized a form of blasphemy without which the nature- and culture-destroying machinery of the industrial economy could not have been built—that is, they have legitimized bad work. Good human work honors God's work. Good work uses no thing without respect, both for what it is in itself and for its origin. It uses neither tool nor material that it does not respect and that it does not love. It honors nature as a great mystery and power, as an indispensable teacher, and as the inescapable judge of all work of human hands. It does not dissociate life and work, or pleasure and work, or love and work, or usefulness and beauty. To work without pleasure or affection, to make a product that is not both useful and beautiful, is to dishonor God, nature, the thing that is made, and whomever it is made for. This is blasphemy: to make shoddy work of the work of God. (p. 104)

The significance—and ultimately the quality—of the work we do is determined by our understanding of the story in which we are taking part. (p. 109)

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