Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brooks on "The Neural Buddhists"

David Brooks makes the case that the biggest enemy of orthodox Christianity isn't naturalistic atheism, it's the growing marriage between science and mysticism. He concludes:

In unexpected ways, science and mysticism are joining hands and reinforcing each other. That’s bound to lead to new movements that emphasize self-transcendence but put little stock in divine law or revelation. Orthodox believers are going to have to defend particular doctrines and particular biblical teachings. They’re going to have to defend the idea of a personal God, and explain why specific theologies are true guides for behavior day to day. I’m not qualified to take sides, believe me. I’m just trying to anticipate which way the debate is headed. We’re in the middle of a scientific revolution. It’s going to have big cultural effects.

Sounds like an advertisement for this week's edition of the White Horse Inn.

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