Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney Pollack (1 July 1934 - 26 May 2008)

This is a shock. Pollack seemed like one of those ageless figures that would always be around...directing here, producing there, even acting. Although Pollack the actor would never be confused with Brando, it was clear he loved the movies. Like many Hollywood figures of his generation he was a product of the great American melting pot of the early 20th century.

Here's The New York Times obit.


redeyespy said...

He was well versed at creating popular entertainments in a variety of genres. My favorites: THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR and TOOTSIE, the latter I would consider to be a comedy worthy of classic status.

Stephen Ley said...

And that's probably why he never got much respect from the critics or many devoted cinephiles (including this one). I do have a soft spot for Out of Africa. I'm sure some of his films (including the ones you mention) are ripe for a reappraisal. Seems he cherished the idea of making "mainstream films which are really good" and perhaps for that reason wasn't seen as having a distinctive voice/style like others of his 70s/80s era brethren. Ironic, that he'd been partnering recently with Minghella.