Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A snapshot

The May/June issue of Modern Reformation just arrived in my mailbox. It's on the new spiritualities, which are actually recycled heresy and syncretisms, some of them many centuries old. What does the "new spirituality" look like? iTunes provides a snapshot of the American landscape. As of 5:00 today here are the top ten podcasts in the category Religion & Spirituality.

1.'s Spirit Channel
2. Oprah's Soul Series Webcast
3. "A New Earth" After Show with Elizabeth Lesser
4. Joel Osteen Audio Podcast
5. Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast
6. Joel Osteen Video Podcast
7. Meditation Oasis - Mary & Richard Maddux
8. Let My People Think - Ravi Zacharias
9. Desiring God Sermon Audio - John Piper
10. North Point Ministries - Andy Stanley

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